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Frequently Asked Questions About Soaring - Questions About Glider Rides

Glider rides are available during Sandhill's flying season, which runs from April to October (or longer, weather permitting). Rides are given by our FAA certified volunteer pilots and can be scheduled by contacting the club directly.

Rides may also be available summer weekends to visitors, depending on club activities that day. Please contact the club first to avoid disappointment.

Typically 20 – 30 minutes for a release at 3,000 feet. On a good soaring day…perhaps much longer!

An experience not soon forgotten. It starts with the excitement of takeoff — hovering just feet off the ground while the towplane gains enough speed for you both to climb. Then the ascent, flying in perfect and precise formation. Finally the release, and you and your pilot are left with the whisper of air over the wings and a view of the countryside as only the birds see it.

Be sure to bring your camera!

We hope you try; nothing adds to the thrill of a first glider flight more than a little "stick time" of your own. Every pilot will be happy to demonstrate basic glider maneuvers, and with a little luck, it may be you rising with the thermals!

Rides are $60 and $80 for our basic fleet and $100 for our high-performance glider. Winch-launch rides (typically Sunday mornings) are $30. Payment may be made by cash or check at the airport. Unfortunately, Sandhill cannot accept credit cards.

Sure can. An introductory ride makes a great gift for the aviation enthusiast, as well as a little "something different" for anyone. Gift certificates can be purchased directly from the club.

As with all light aircraft, there are limitations on the minimum and maximum passenger weight the glider can safely carry. The smaller cockpit may also create difficulty for some individuals. In practice this is rarely a problem, and we'll be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.