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Initiation and Dues

Initiation Fee

Monthly Dues

Annual SSA Dues

Per-Flight Surcharge

† Single initiation fee covers principal and dependent members of a family.
‡ Pre-solo dependents do not pay dues.

Aerotow Fees


A 3,000 foot release is most commonly used, and provides a good basis for estimating tow expenses.

† Minimum aerotow charge is $26.  Releases above 1000 feet are charged at $1.00 per additional 100 feet. (effective 01-Jan-2021)

Winch Fees

Aircraft Rental Fees


Club aircraft are made available to members at an hourly rental rate. Members may use gliders any time equipment and facilities are available, in accordance with Sandhill rules and policy.

Demo Ride Rates

Demo ride rates for non-members.

Flight Instruction

Flight instruction is provided free of charge to club members by Sandhill's volunteer CFIGs (Certified Flight Instructor Glider). Instructional flights typically last 20 – 30 minutes, with approximately 40 flights needed to reach the solo stage of training.  A variety of instructional materials may be purchased through the club, as well as outside vendors.


Member-Owned Aircraft

Richmond Field has a limited number of outdoor tie downs and hangar spaces for rent on a monthly basis, for members who own their own sailplanes. Arrangements may also be made for temporary overnight storage of aircraft. Please contact the club for further details.

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