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Grob 103

The Sandhill Soaring Club offers gliders rides to the general public every Saturday and Sunday during the summer and fall, weather permitting.  


All flights are with a Commercial Rated Glider Pilot or Certified Glider Flight Instructor. 

High Performance = $150 (3000 ft Tow, 17~22 minutes)

--  In the Grob 103. {pictured to the right}

-- DG-505 Upgrade for only $50 more! {pictured below}

Mile High = $200 (5280 ft Tow, 40~45 minutes)

--  In the Grob 103. {pictured to the right}

-- DG-505 Upgrade for only $50 more! {pictured below}


To sign up for a flight, simply show up at the airfield around 1pm and get your name on the sign-up sheet.  First-come-first serve.   Or you can Contact Us for more information.

Note: All aircraft have weight and balance requirements.  Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate anyone weighing over 242 lb.  If you weight over 200 lb, then please contact us ahead to make sure we have a lighter weight pilot available to fly with you.

Note: This is not an instructional flight.  Instruction is only available to club members.

* eGift Cards are processed by Square.  Redeemable only at Sandhill Soaring Club, Gregory, MI.  If you already have an eGift Card, you can check your balance here.  When buying a gift card, simply select the price corresponding to the type of flight you want to take.  Note: all sales are final and non-refundable.


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